Robovac 11 side brush stuck


I purchased a Robovac 11 in December (4 months ago) today it won’t work at all.
It keeps complaining that the side brush is stuck. Indeed when I turn the unit on, the left side one spins once, the right side one does not spin at all… and it just stops and beeps forever until I turn it off.

I have cleaned the side brushes. I’ve cleaned the optical sensors next to the side brushes. I’ve done everything I think the user is capable of including replacing the side brushes with the spares that it came with … yet it still fails.

Occasionally it will give a different error indicating the suction fan isn’t working but turning off and back on gives me the same side brush error so I’m not sure why the suction fan error pops up occasionally.

I’ve literally stripped and cleaned all the user-servicable parts yet it still refuses to work.

This is a 4 month old unit, this is really bad.

Please can I have some support here

If you have already removed the side brushes and cleaned up around there. There really isn’t much left to try. I would contact Support via They should be able to help you out. Make sure to have your serial number, purchase date, and what troubleshooting steps you have already tried.