Robovac 11 - rolling brush motor making noise

Hi there,

my robovac is about 18 month old and now the rolling brush is making a loud noice. Also the movement is disturbed.

I created 2 videos to show the behaviour:

Anyone can help with repair instructions? The guarantee expired

Best regards

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I would still contact support. They can help you troubleshoot the noise. I have a similar model and when made that kind of noise the brush was full of dog hair and carpet fiber. You might check and see if anything got up in the area where the brush connects to the unit. I found junk in there before as well.


Element321 is right, as always :wink:
There is hair or debris inside. This makes the brush stuck and stop. So you should open and clean it.

If you are a skilled “tinkerer” this is really no problem. :grin:
When the warranty has expired you can do this.


Thank you for the quick responses. I already contacted support but this did not fix the problem

  1. Turn the cleaner upside down, cover the drop sensors with opaque tape or paper and run the cleaner;

  2. Remove the brush guard, rolling brush and 2 side brushes, then run the cleaner without them on hard floors or tiles.

I will open it :slight_smile: Not a skilled tinkerer. But it is not working anyway … so nothing to loose :slight_smile:

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EUFY has told you the “works” which can be done without opening.

Go inside the robot. :grin:

Take a look at the motors and the axis’.
(Tweezers could be useful to remove all the “things” you may find)

If you are successful take photos of your work please.

There are many who are interested in. :wink:

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Hi there,

Robäärt is back in business :wink:
Do not perform this if you are still having support from Anker!

Success Video:

Loose screws

Remove battery

Remove Bumper and access the “inside” - and locate the defective/dirty unit (in my case the rolling brush)

The dirt


I hope i can help anyone with the same problem


Great job, thanks for the follow up and pictures. It for sure will help someone in the future

GREAT, Stephan!!! :grinning:

I had success with tying a hairtie tightly around the male part of the rolling brush, on the end with the arrow. I read that the brush can drop after use and allow wiggle room that is able to rattle on hardwood. It worked for me! I also cleaned all brushes and rolled wheels to troubleshoot, but brush noise stopped with this simple trick. Happy botting!