Robovac 11 red light and beeps while chargning


I bought a Robovac 11 a couple of years ago and it’s been working
flawlessly. As of two weeks ago the Robovac doesn’t seem to charge
properly. While charging the indicator light turns solid red and makes
several repetitions of 4 beep tones. It then turns to flashing blue
again, but eventually (after a minute maybe) would do the same, solid
red light and a series of consecutive 4 beep tones.

This error code doesn’t seem to be listed in the manual, what should I
do to fix it?

I’ve tried to turn the Robovac on and off, and plug and unplug the
charging cord, but nothing seems to fix it.

Thanks, Roger.

Hmmm? :roll_eyes:
What I would suggest, open the battery case and remove the battery.
After a while do reassembling.
This should be a hard reset.

If the problem still exist I would suggest to check the battery.
(After a couple of years there should be the need of a replacement probably
and there is no more warranty)
Replacement batteries can be found at amazon.

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