RoboVac 11: My experience with the robotic vacuum cleaner

Hello I’m from Germany and i had the opportunity to test the RoboVac 11.

I used the Eufy RoboVac 11 robotic vacuum cleaner for over two weeks now and it has enriched my household pretty much. I find the design very appealing, because it is very modern and has a pleasant feel. In the beginning I found it relatively heavy in weight. However this is not important, because you hardly carry the device in your hand. Overall, you get a very well-processed product, which is robustly installed. Once it’s unpacked, it can be easily installed and operated thanks to the enclosed and easy-to-understand instructions. My experiences so far have been mostly very positive. It works beautifully quiet and reliable. What I didn’t like was the fact that the brush of the cleaner quickly caught longer hair and I had to clean it very often to keep it working. The remaining cleaning of the device you have to do is quite uncomplicated and fast. I own carpet as well as laminate and tiles, and the vacuum cleaner always cleans the floors thanks to the different cleaning modes. It recognizes large obstacles and stairs very precisely. The only problem he has are with small hurdles, such as table legs, he likes to bump into it. Personally, I do not think that’s too bad. The vacuum cleaner is most worthwhile if you have to clean a large floor surface without many obstacles. The vacuum cleaner also offers a high level of comfort for the elderly and people with physical disabilities. I think you get a good vacuum cleaner with the RoboVac 11 at a pretty low price range.


Welcome to the community. Thank you for such a great review and pointing out some pros and cons of the device.

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Welcome to anker family… great job on the review. Would be even better if you can add a few pictures of robovac in action.

You have highlighted great points in your review that will be helpful to a lot of people here. Thanks.

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Long hairs and are always a problem for those robots with a central brush.
As these wind up at the middle brush.
So the cleaning is a MUST after vacuuming.
Easy to do: Cut the hairs with a pair of scissors and remove these.

And your are welcome.
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Not many Germans here around.

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Does the vacuum clean stairs?

If you will invent such a robot you will get the “Noble (sic) award” :smiley: