RoboVac 11+, Model T2104, with 01 drive motor left hand not working

Hi Community!

I have a big problem with my eufy RoboVac 11+.
The motor of the left wheel doesn’t work anymore, i carry out to swap motor on the left and right side for the confirmation.
I tried to find a new motor or new wheel assembly on the internet to purchase, but I can’t find the motor and neither wheel assembly.
So my hope is that you can help me to find the right motor or wheel assembly.

Thanks for your suggestions!

There are motors available at Eufy spare part site.
Make sure the one is offered there is compatible with the one of the 11+
(it fits for the 11S for sure, I swapped it recently)

Unfortunately the 11+ doesn’t show up in that list.
Write to the support and ask.

Btw : is that 11+ totally another model comparing to that offered one?