RoboVac 11 | 6 Month Review

After using the RoboVac 11+ for 6+ months now, I still love it! My skepticism over a robot vacuum was high at first… until I was able to see how much hair, dust and crumbs that it picked up… daily. Now my opinion is that these RoboVacs do not replace your normal retinue of vacuuming with a traditional upright, but rather maintains your floors looking better between ‘deep’ cleaning sessions.

I have three Siberian Huskies, so I am fully aware that I need to vacuum more often then others, since they are early always shedding, but this little thing picks up an astonishing amount of dog hair daily, and we love it!

I have noticed that it struggles to backup sometimes, but I think it might just need a cleaning… but I have not made the time to look more into this.


Glad you’re still living it! I like to see people’s opinions over long periods of time!

Woo hoo… glad it’s been able to keep up with dogs’ shedding!

I give Willy (11S) our “slave” now shelter for more than a year. :grinning:
Though he had to work hard all day he still does his job perfectly.