Robotic lawnmower?

Perhaps Eufy could make something like this:

Not a lot manufactures make it…

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This would be a godsend for me if it could last and mow large fields on its own. As it is now it takes 2 to 4 hours to mow our grass depending if you use the walk behind or riding mower

@elmo41683 How big is your property? I have 2+ acres that I have to cut with a rider and it takes about 3 or 4 hours if I let it get out of hand.

I wouldn’t mind having something like this for our dog run. We have a 1000 square fenced in area that I have to cut several times a week and this little guy would cut help us out.

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Wow this would be nice

Shoot one of these would be nice for picking up leaves or pull out weeds from in between rocks

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What could possibly go wrong with a sharp objects and software.

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I believe it’s the same 2+ acres, but it’s not all level so you can’t cut all the grass with a ride on and to u have to use the walk behind

Looks way too niche in my opinion. Never heard of flymo before, but they seem to do a lot of outdoor products already.

Was searching for a thread like this cause I need your advice. Is Husqvarna AUTOMOWER 315X good? Have anyone here tried it? I just finally opened the season of swimming in the pool and the season of lying on the lawn and I think what kind of lawnmower to buy. Friends recommended the Husqvarna automower 315X, they say it is the best on the market. I want to make sure of this, so that is why I ask you. I have recently found an article about robot lawnmower reviews. I hope it will help me decide.

Don’t know anything about Husqvarna AUTOMOWER 315X but I have WORX Landroid M and I like it so much.


  • if a robotic floor cleaner’s code accidentally went wrong, how many toes would you lose?
  • if a robotic lawnmower’s code accidentally went wrong, how many toes would you lose?