ROAV VIVA winner review

I won the ROAV VIVA from Anker during the sweepstakes on the forum.

I’ve been using it for the past few days pretty frequently.

Packaging was well done.

Two charging ports and Alexa in my car is awesome. I’ve found myself sitting outside the kids school waiting to pick them up for a hour each day playing jeopardy, name that tune or music trivia.

The only complaint thus far is having to launch the VIVA phone application any time I want to use it, but for me that wouldn’t be a deal breaker considering all of the features it adds.

I think @AnkerOfficial done an amazing job on this product.


Awesome way to pass the time! Thanks for sharing your review! :relaxed:

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Any pics? :grimacing:

How are the microphones? I’ve been thinking about getting one of these to keep everything hands-free in the car, but I’m curious to see how well they handle background noise (wind/tires or even loud music). What has your experience been?

So far the mics are pretty decent. I’m going to be making a review of mine this week and I’ll show it in action. With loud music and a lot of background noise, even the Amazon Echos struggle from time to time, so it’s pretty similar. It really depends on the placement of it. Mine is kind of tucked away, so when there’s a lot of external noise/music, it does struggle a little, but all I do is say, “Alexa.” a little louder and it responds.

It’s a lot fun, though! I’ve been using it mainly for music, but I’ve also used it to control the lights in the house, add stuff to my grocery list, get weather, directions, make calls, and even play a round of 20 questions.

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That’s awesome. Now my curiosity is perked…adding to my wish list :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks for the review. :slight_smile:

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Haven’t had a problem with them yet. They seem to be good at cancelling out wind and other road noises.

Thanks for your feedback! If you could add some photos in the thread that would be awesome!
I also hope that bluetooth connectivity issues don’t bother you.:grin:

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I’ve been avoiding the update on my iPhone to prevent any connectivity issues, so it’s worked great so far and I LOVE IT!

It’s a lot smaller than I was expecting it to be, which was a big plus! It fits perfectly in my car too, which was a fear of mine since the jack is tucked away in a smaller area of the car. I’ll have the video of it in action ready to go this weekend.

Here are a few picture I took after I opened it up.


Nice review! Hoping this could come to the UK sooner!

Bluetooth on IOS 11.2.5 is working with firmware update. Just used a android to update the firmware and viola no issues.


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Looks good! Can’t wait to see the video you make!


Thanks! I’m hoping to have it ready by Sunday. Stay tuned… :smiley:

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