Roav VIVA using voice call with android mobile


I am a happy new owner of a roav VIVA. I got general alexa connectivity and navigation working. But I am struggling with the voice call function.
I am using an android samsung s7 edge, wich is well connected to the car radio, has well sorted contacts and I also gave the android app the right to access the contacts and the phone function. But whenever I try to use the voice call by saying „alexa call firstname lastname“ it either says, that my device does not allow voice calls or that it tries to use skype as voice service. So questions are:

  • can viva use the normal phone function of my android based mobile to call someone from my contact list and/or just a phone number?
  • if so how can I activate that feature or why is it not working?


I had the same issue with my roav bolt (google Assistant). I don’t know what the issue is.

@lukas18 I have both Roav Viva and Viva Pro paired via iPhone. Calls are only via Amazon phone service which it dials Through internet.

There is a new firmware update popping up for last 2 days, will give it a try and let you know


I had the same problem on a Note 8. For me even though I accepted all permissions at app install, my contact permissions were off for the Roav app. When I turned them on, voice dialing sorta works.

Now after saying Alexa call X she asks me…
Would you like to call X
Would you like to call X with (my) contacts or (wife’s) contacts
(Me) contacts
Would you like to call with (my) contact
Me very frustrated at this point

Phone rings very quietly
I hear something so soft I can’t make it out
Person on the other end hears me faintly