Roav Viva review- short review

Got the Roav Viva about a month ago.

Overall it is a decent device but it does have it flaws in it that can easily be dealt with easily.


It has Alexa that you can access.
It has the Power QI fast charging
It has ability to mute the speaker
App support that allowed you to easily select the radio station frequency to connect the device too.

The charging ports are on the side. This is an issue if you have a vehicle with the cigarette lighter port in recessed area. You will tend to have the cords bent more.

I have found if I am using earbuds and listening to something and come to the car, the Roav will take over the Bluetooth and disconnect me from headset. It took a few minutes to figure out what happened as I was trying to see if my soundcore earbuds (LOL) were messing up or not.

Overall it is a decent device I think Roav has a few other devices that seems to be better options.


I got a similar “thing” some times ago.

(This happened in those good old, gone times
when regulars were gifted some donations)
Those times will never come back. :sob: :joy:

But as far I remember it was only a charger.
Not using the car often, so there was no need.
I gave it to a friend.


My brother in law likes his, fixed some issues he was having with built in connectivity on his car, and he likew the Alexa integration.

I wouldn’t have appreciated all of those features, so giving it away was certainly the right choice for me.

Good review, I’ve seen this on sale a few times but never pulled the trigger on it

Nice review! :ok_hand:

Great first impressions @Duane_Lester