ROAV VIVA PRO not re connecting automatically [Resolved]

IPhone XS: IOS 13.1.1

ROAV VIVA Pro Firmware current version: 1.2.1.

Updated ROAV VIVA Pro to the latest firmware 1.2.1

  1. Configure it first time. It works.
  2. I shut Off the radio.
  3. Turn off the car ignition. Turns Off the ROAV VIVA Pro
  4. Leave the car. Lock the car.
  5. Return to the car hours later.
  6. Turn On the car ignition.
  7. Turn On the radio (FM)
  8. ROAV App connects to Alexa App I think as I see the headphone symbol on the top right.
  9. ROAV VIVA App does not connect to the Device automatically.
  10. I have to manually “Select An Accessory” again and connect to the ROAV VIVA Pro device.

Bluetooth is always ON for both the apps.
Location is “Always” for both Alexa and ROAV Viva app.

Why does the ROAV VIVA App NOT re-connect automatically to the device?

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It sounds like you’re doing everything correctly, so I would suggest reaching out to (or use the live chat feature in the app or at and they’ll be happy to assist you!

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Seems like have a defective unit

Bought another new one and returned it. Same issue.

Hate to hear that. Hopefully support can help you out


Caveat: As Safari and other apps with audio interfere, it is advisable to shut down all the apps in IOS for this to work after updating to the versions below.

Answer: Apple iOS Version 13.1.2
ROAV App Version: 3.0.9
Both arrived yesterday.

The Device is working wonderfully well without WIRES. Clean. I get into the car with Radio off. Turn the Car and Radio On, ROAV says “Welcome”…4 out of 5 times today…LOL


Glad to see its working for you. I had the viva in my old car and for the most part it worked. I found it useful.

I’m having this problem after working fine for 6 months. Now with iOS 13.1 release and latest firmware (to fix the problem), I reload the application, setup the application and charger with iPhone and Amazon Alexa. It all works first time and Alexa commands also work. When I shut off and turn back on the vehicle, the iPhone and charger link up via bluetooth and I can play through the car but Alexa commands no longer work and roav shows not connected though iPhone shows bluetooth device connected. I can forget the bluetooth device and then again start the application and find the bluetooth connection but though the device is set up in bluetooth and the works as a remote speaker, the roav viva pro application never shows connected and Alexa commands are not accepted. This has just become an expensive charger with latest release of software.

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