ROAV Viva Pro - end of life?

I guess with the advent of the Echo Auto Anker’s interest in the Viva Pro is on the wane. Perhaps that’s why it flat out refuses to reconnect to my phone after after instance of the ignition being turned off. I suspect a conflict between the software and ios 13.5.1 (I dare not go to 14 in case they stop talking altogether).
The only way I can solve the issue is to delete the device in ios from my bluetooth paired devices then reinstall the Anker software.
This takes about ten minutes - not great when you’re just driving down the road.
Does anyone have the same problem? I know there was an issue about 12 months ago that was solved with a firmware update. I fear we might not get another f/w update to solve it again.

Hi @nigel.burton,

Please make sure that you have upgraded the Roav Viva app to the V 3.1.2 (iOS).
If the problem persists after upgrading, please contact Roav customer service team at They should be able to help you further.

Thank you for your understanding.
The Anker Community Team