ROAV VIVA pauses after song

So, in the last 2 weeks, I have been noticing that the VIVA will not continue playing any playlist/Station/etc. It will play a song, then pause. I have to ask “Alexa” to play “next” to continue. I have been using the VIVA for a couple of months in this car with no issues until now. I have done the latest update on the 20th. But this didn’t resolve the issue. Not sure what has changed, but welcome any help on this issue.

Hi @Carl_Nichols,
Sorry to hear you’re having difficulties with the VIVA. What type of phone are you using with the Roav Viva? And which music service is having this issue (Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio, etc) or is it all of them? Also, feel free to reach out to for further assistance with this issue.

My phone is the iPhone 10 and I use only Amazon Music service.



Ive had the same issue with ALL my Anker speakers and headphones after the lastest IOS 11.3.1 Update. Not too sure if it is directly related to this although. :neutral_face:

@Carl_Nichols please upgrade the firmware to the latest one. Also, please installed Amazon music on the phone to see whether it make any difference? If still have the problem, please email us at

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I am having this same problem. My Roav Viva has the latest version and i am using a Samsung S9+. I can play music directly from the Amazon Music app, and it does not have any issue. When I use Roav Viva, it plays one song and then pauses.