ROAV VIVA - Not Hearing My Answers Within Apps - Help!

I just received my ROAV Viva a couple days ago. Most everything seems ok, however I am having a big problem within the “World Detective” app and the “Word of the Day Quiz” (and I assume any other “interactive” app). When I am asked to give an answer posed to me by the app, the ROAV Viva seems to not hear my response (it might occasionally, but rarely). As a result the game just stops. Very annoying! I enjoy these interactive games especially when having to be out driving by myself. It seems to hear reasonably well at other times, but not when using these interactive apps.

Any suggestions?


Really! Is no one else having this issue?


I have played these games via my Eufy genie, but I do not have the Viva so I cannot speak for that. But occasionally I have the same issue and I found it all depends on how quickly you respond whether or not it hears me

Well, I played those games on the Echo Dot, Echo Show, and Echo Plus and have had little or no problem. I’ve even used the Echo Dot in the car with all that ambient noise and it still works pretty well. This problem seems to be unique to the Roav Viva.

Like I mentioned I don’t own a Viva so I was just speculating. You can always reach out to support via the in app chat or email them for further assistance

The issue I have is when she asks for a response. If I don’t answer immediately she prompts again or exits. (Depends on the skill) If I time it right and answer right away with no delay, then it works.