Roav viva Navigation issue - "traffic information is not available at the moment"

Hi guys!

Just gotten my Roav Viva.

I m able to ask weather. Play my amazon playlist. Play tunein. Make calls.

But i cant get navigation using google map or waze up n running. :frowning:

Alexa indicates “traffic information is not available…”

Anyone getting this problem? I m on andriod with latest firmware. 3.2.1 using samsung s8


Do you have the Waze app loaded?

Hi dlee! I tried both. Waze n google setting but no luck. Hmm. Alexa should load google map n waze by itself on my mobile rite? I will find the logic funny if drivers have to intervence :stuck_out_tongue:

That was why I asked. I had been using Waze prior to the Viva so it was already there. I would not assume either will load on its own except I’d bet Android phones come preloaded with all things Google. Mine did.

Yes i have google map n waze app installed if tats wat u meant. I m expecting viva will lunch them n show directions. I was previously using android auto in my previous car.

Here’s what I can do. Sit in my truck with the key on, radio off Viva blue light on and call for Alexa. When the light turns green tell Alexa to open Waze. The Waze app comes up with my current location and ready to input directions. Anything else I try is a total crapshoot. I told her three times to navigate to a location she had taken me before and all I got was crap. Lastly, I asked her to spell navigate and she did perfectly. Just see if you can open the app with your voice.

damn. tats alot of work for automation! hahahah. k k i’ll try out your way buddy. :grin:

You’re right, it ain’t right. Just wanting to see where it’s breaking down on you.

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Any progress on this? I get the same answer (traffic information not available) all the time. Samsung S8+, 7.0