Roav VIVA Constantly Pops up iPhone 8+

Have an issue that is somewhat irritating.

When using different apps on my iPhone 8+, the Roav app keeps coming to the top.

Sometimes, connected to the device in the car, sometimes not.
This happens in my home and the car is 30’ away.

iPhone 8+
IOS 11.3

Firmware 3.2.7
Car connection Bluetooth
Auto launch turned off

Suggestions appreciated on how to stop it taking over the phone.


I’m assuming that your car socket this is plugged into is powered on all the time since the app is constantly trying to connect to it and the app is coming to the top. The only way to prevent this is to either plug the device into a switched outlet that turns off with the car, or unplug it whenever you exit the car.

What is happening is that since it’s always powered on, it is constantly pinging your phone for connection and causing the app to come to the top. Alternatively you can turn bluetooth off, but it will require to manually turn it on and off everytime.

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ive asked for ability to control Bluetooth power, the roav is very agressive, picking me up in my house as well and also when working in garage. I have to unplug mine when i get out of the car which is very inconvenient.
For the most part it only needs a 5 foot range I would imagine since most of the use is done less than 2 feet away from it in the dash

Agreed, like the product, don’t like it constantly taking over my phone.

Hopefully, they can make some changes in the program.

Not that hard to pull out the car plug when I stop at home. Would be nice in a future update if there is a way to limit the range or someway to stop it connecting.
Not a big deal, still like the ability to use Alexa.