Roav viva breaks again. This time for news feed

Wrote in to roav support. My issue was news feed stops at 2nd feed. Before it was ok. Roav solution is ask alexa for next feed…

Seems like after spotify this is the next ting that actually matters to me that cant be used decently.

To be fair. Roav indicate its amazon end to fix.

Hopefully no more thing breaks for roav. Else its juz a pretty decor in the car sooner or later. :sob:

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Since services depend on third party like Google or Amazon, this happens most of the time… there is a hate<–>love relation between the hardware & software, hopefully Amazon look and fix this News feed issue.

Are Roav folks in contact with Amazon Alexa team to resolve it, did the support confirm?

Also it will not be completely car decor, it still head two USB charging ports :grin:

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Haha. I really forgot abt the usb. I dun use them. But u r right. Not really car decor yet. :sweat_smile:

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