ROAV Via Pro @ Canadian Tire

I am very impressed that Canadian Tire now has ROAV featured in the Summer Wow Guide


I never seen that item, how much is it? Wouldn’t it be better to get the Roav Viva pro?

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That is the roav viva pro.?.??.

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I thought this was it

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That’s the same products featured above. Also, if you look In the bottom right corner, it has the name :grin:


Lol damn it’s been a long day for me :joy: that was embarrassing


VIVA Pro in US costs $54.99 on Amazon. Not sure how much more expensive it is over the border so may or may not be a horrible deal through Canadian Tire

It’s okay :joy:. Earlier I got black Friday, and Good Friday mixed up :joy:


It looks more like a Roav Viva… Only different distincts between these are VIVA Pro has selection of connecting methods to your car’s Stereo - BT, USB, Aux-Out port and an FM transmitter… Viva only has BT and USB.


Would rather go for Roav Bolt when it is released widely … Google is the best assistant

You think so? I’ve never tried Alexa

What?! Does it makes breakfast? That’s a high price!

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Have both the Viva & Viva Pro, I hardly use the Alexa assistant, because she keeps saying she cannot help… have Google Home Minis and Zolo Mojos at home, these work 99% of time for any queries

Keep in mind that that this is not a sale item but rather a promotional item in a catalogue. Also I am not aware of many ROAV items being sold in Canada. only offers

I like that – make breakfast :grin:

I’d buy it then if it would :joy:

Lol I’d just stop and ask for directions

You need to install all Alexa skills if you want integration with other services. That’s why she “cannot help”.