Roav v8.0

Just seen the v8.0

Do you guys have a change log we can see?

Are you referring to the app update? I’m not following.

I think he is referring to the original C1 Dashcam that has a driver/firmware upgrade to v8.0.

Sure wish they could include a “README” that described:
- NEW features
- BUG fixes
- BUGs reported that need to be fixed

Much like any NORMAL company that has devices/software which has upgrades applied.

ANKER??? You listening???

Give them time its their hard earned break currently.

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My Roav shows “up to date” at Version 8.2 :man_shrugging:t2:

Aww, I see. Didn’t even know there was an update until now. Haven’t been in my car for awhile.

Which “ROAV”? Model number would help?