Roav Spectrum Smart Car Charger Review

At $20 on as of 12/07, this QC 3.0 and Power IQ 2.0 is definitely worth the price for the following reasons:

  • QC 3.0 and Power IQ 2.0 for fast charging
  • Mood lighting and ability to change the color to match your car’s interior lighting
  • Car locator
  • Battery monitor
  • Modern App with clean and user friendly interface. Easy pairing and easy firmware update.

Locator works pretty well. Sometimes the “arrow” doesn’t point at the direction of my car. However, once I walk for a bit, the arrow does correct itself.

The App has a timer that you can use for watching your parking meter and get notified when your time is up. I don’t think you can set a reminder within the App. The App does not have to be running in order for the alarm to work once it has been set.

If you want a cheap QC 3.0 car charger, you can buy one for less than $10 on Amazon. The Roav Spectrum is for those who want the bells and whistles and are willing to pay for them.

Minor quality control issues: The USB ports are not properly aligned. So far, this does not affect functionality. Grammar issue on the App battery screen: “Hard to engine up turn off the vehicle electricity and engine to change ASAP”.


Well done. I have found the location indicator to be the same for me while using the Roav SmartCharge F2. One thing I do like about their app and website though, you can do Live Chat with them.

Nice review. Thanks for sharing!