Roav Spectrum Battery Voltage Logging Incorrect

I have the Roav Spectrum charger that also reads the car battery voltage.
In my opinion this feature is implemented incorrectly. Before we get all riled up let me explain.
The way this works is that we put key in ignition, turn it to ON and it gives a battery voltage readout (which is correct). This should be around 12.8-13.2 V.
The problem comes in when we actually crank the car (turn it ON). Now the voltage readout is the charging voltage. This usually is 13.8-14.6V.
Roav logges the charging voltage instead of the actual voltage of battery (thus we don’t actually get the real status of battery).
A poor battery at end of life and a new battery can have similar charging voltage but will have very different open circuit voltage (OCV).
I suggest that the app should log OCV instead of charging voltage.

@kumar.sachin Thank you so much for your suggestions. Here is how battery monitor function working. For key in ignition car model, Spectrum will record the battery voltage first within 0.1 second when the car is started and after that 0.1 second, the voltage Spectrum recorded is the engine voltage. That is too say, the Spectrum records battery voltage only at the beginning of 0.1 second after it is plugged. Therefore if Spectrum is plugged after your car started, at that time it will take the engine voltage as battery voltage.
In a word, to help you resolve the issue, please plug the Spectrum before starting your car.
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