Roav Smartcharge T2 "Review"

I received this as a beta test product- so it came in plain white box with no accessories or manual.

This is brand new product from Roav car bluetooth/FM transmitter. It is next generation to F0, F2 and T1.
We now have Roav Smartcharge T2. I’ll not go over rewriting the specs but will tell you about my experience with T2.
I was using Roav Bolt earlier and Roav F0 prior to Bolt. F0 suffered from terrible noise which was particularly annoying listening at low volumes. Bolt sound was absolutely awesome (no group loop noise at all). Unfortunately, since Bolt don’t have any physical media buttons, it was not as easy to use. Every time I had to pause or skip my music, I had to use my phone (since google voice was not very good at it). That totally defeated the purpose of Bolt.

Anyways, enter T2 and all my issues are finally laid to rest. It has bluetooth 5.0 and much stronger FM transmitter. Sound is absolutely amazing with no ground-loop noise at all.
Another great feature is that if you use a physical 3.5mm audio cable to plug to your car’s aux port, the FM transmission stops and there is no chance of interference with bluetooth. This was one thing that F0 lacked (its FM was always on).

One the T2 there are 2 buttons on left side- one is power and other is CH (that finds the most suitable FM frequency for you). One the right side there is a 3.5mm audio out port. On top we have a USBA type port with IQ charging (12 watt max) and a USB-C type port that is IQ3 compatible (18 watt max). There are 3 buttons as well that are used for taking phone calls and play/pause for/rev music.
Once connected, it automatically connects 100% of the time with your phone when you start the car. It also gives an audible sound for the successful connection. There is a display under the top plastic as well that shows what is it used for- like bt for bluetooth connection, FM freq for FM transmission, CL for phone call, etc.
I personally use it in BT mode since my car has an aux-in. For testing, I have used the FM mode as well and it performs great.

Overall, this is one of the best car bluetooth/FM transmitter out there and you will not be disappointed.


Great review and photos @kumar.sachin

Thank you for that review.

Great review. Seems like they listened to the complaints people were having and delivered a great product

Awesome, thanks for your review.

Nice review and pics. Cheers for sharing :muscle:t2:

Thank you for your review, this new product will be launched on January 20th! Stay tuned!

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The roav bolt was not good. If google assistant doesn’t work, then there’s no point in getting it. Mine just sits in the box

I’ll stay tuned for sure :+1:

How about microphone performance? I’ve got the F2 and I have to shout for callers to hear me.

No issues with microphone. I just speak naturally (no shouting needed)
It has noise cancellation built-in to help with calls

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Awesome review and great photos!! :clap:

good review and pics

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Lovely review and photos as always.

hey guys, its march…there are literally no news anymore about the T2 nor availability.
Anyone knows more?
i realy dig it :frowning:

It was available on Amazon for a while. Seems that it is currently unavailable and Roav is pushing for a new F2 pro. May be wait and see what is new.

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Roav T2 is currently unavailable due to a large volume of sales, but it will be back to order at the end of March. Here is the purchase link: