Roav Smartcar Charge Kit car locator working indoors (w/o GPS)?

Was wondering whether the car locator of Roav Smartcar Charge Kit F2 also works, when parked in a garage of a mall with no GPS signals.

it uses your phone gps

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The answer is… maybe. It uses your phone’s location services to determine where your car is. For Android phones, they use a combination of GPS data, cell phone data and wifi data. The GPS data is most important and reliable source, but if there is no GPS visible, it can still use the cell and wifi data to approximate your position but it probably won’t be as accurate. For iOS, I’m not really familiar how they do location services but it’s probably similar.

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Hi @srlh,

Thanks for your question.:innocent:
The car locator can not be used in the parking lot with no GPS signals.