Roav Smart Charge Car Kit F2 Review

Roav Smart Charge Car Kit F2 Review

I am reviewing the Roav Smart Charge Car Kit F2 car charger.

Locates car thru the Roav SmartPhone App - feature works pretty well. I have tested it a few times and outcome of locating the car was pretty successful.

Streams music through car speakers - feature works perfectly. I haven’t experienced any issues.

Makes hands free calls - the few calls I did make through the device worked well. I will continue to test this feature and will update the post, if I have any issues.

Due to the location of my car cigarette lighter the installation place isn’t optimum, but that isn’t an issue with the device, more the design of the car. I have a 2008 Honda Accord Sedan. I also tested installation on a 2011 Nissan Pathfinder.
Both had cigarette lighters in awkward places. Again, but a device design flaw.

Would be better if the AUX port wasn’t on the side of the device maybe a slot on the front would make it easier to access.

Overall, great product, would definitely recommend to others.


Hi @Ricky_Patel , thanks for sharing your review (including the slight pitfall due to the location of your 12v socket). Any chance you could also post a picture of the Roav SCC in use as it might be useful to other members with a similar vehicle?

Thanks @Ricky_Patel, this product has aroused interest from dozens of people!:muscle:

I’m seriously considering ordering this car charger. I already have a PowerElite but the bluetooth compatibility on this one is a game-changer !

I think this car charger will be available in France soon.:grin:

Hehe thanks for the heads up !
I’m defintely checking the FR website regularly for updates.