ROAV Smart Car Charger Now Offered at Walmart

So I happened to be in the electronics department of a Walmart trying to get another HDMI cable (gotta love after house shopping) and found that they now offer the ROAV Smart Car Charger. It was with the GPS and Dash Cams stuff.

For over a year I think Walmart has been offered some of the older charging hubs, Car charger, and power banks. Less than a year ago they started offering Anker Bluetooth Speakers and wireless headsets.

Now they just need sell some of their cables at Walmart or Best Buy. I lost one of my cables and had to use a cheapy no name while at work. It didn’t charge my device fast enough…


So apart from the drunk speeding driver being recorded while they look at their phone, cars are safe :movie_camera:

The packages on the Roav products - and the Zolo also - are clearly designed for retail stores.

The regular Anker products tough - most of them come in the white/blue box with just the product name printed - are mostly for online sales. The SoundCore Sport XL has a nice box! But most come in the white/blue one. It’s a shame that moving to retail stores Anker will most likely have to increase the price a bit - investing in marketing and design of boxes is not cheap.

P.S.: I always find funny how Walmart always show both the price per unit and the total price of the package, even when, as is the case for every product in the photo, it’s the same price… :laughing:


Yeah I thought it was funny how Walmart has their products merchandised. But then again this is Walmart.

Some of Anker’s power cores and power hubs have their simple packaging and still being sold at Walmart. Hopefully they will have separate packaging for online sales and retail sales.

I have seen that sometimes Walmart is cheaper than Anker’s Online store and Amazon. But that’s only when Anker isn’t running a promo.

My local eqlmart carries Anker products, but the only time you ever see them on the shelf is when they clearance them out. This is because they only have a placard on television shelf to notify you what you can buy. Since most people want something in hand they never get sold until they put clearance stuff out