ROAV Smart Car Charger FO power draw

Hi. The cigarette lighter socket in my car is always live even with the ignition switched off and key removed. Can you please tell me if this device uses any power, and if so how much, when it is switched off. This is to avoid a flat battery if it is left for a while.

Also, does it power down by itself after a certain period, when not in use?

None of this is addressed in the User Manual.


@charles.mckee Note that as long as power is available to the SmartCharge FO, it will continue to draw power, though very minimum power, unless you have something plugged into it for charging or forget to remove device connected to it for charging…which happens most of the time for me (FYI I dont own this charger, and my car does not provide power when the car is off)

can you also mention what is your car make and model – interesting to know on such car models!

If you are worried of SmartCharger FO draining your battery - it is strongly recommended to unplug it when you leave your vehicle for extended periods of time, or use it only when you are in the car, driving. It is better to be safe, than sorry!

Also there may be an option to have a separate female socket wired hidden - which may stop providing power when car ignition is turned off and you can use the Charger on that port, — This is completely optional.

I would also recommend you write to for further assistance

Unplug it, that’s what I do when they have LED and the lights stay on after I turn off the car

Hello and thanks for the reply. The car is a 2006 BMW Z4. It is not unusual for older cars to have this setup, it would be much better if the Roav could be powered down, without power draw.

Thanks, indeed.

Hope the answer helped you @charles.mckee

Agree, a On/Off switch could help, may be since you own it already, write a feedback note to Roav team – may be a future iteration can add this functionality!