Roav Smart Car Charger F2

Hi All,

I have recently purchase the Roav Smart Car Charger F2 here in UAE. This is the 1st time I have ever used a Bluetooth Car Charger with my vehicle. I very much like this product (Design, Easy Setup & Multiple Features).

Two things I am struggling with are -

  1. While my Roav Charger is connected I cannot clearly listen to other FM frequencies. There is disturbance in the FM channels from low to high on different Channels. I have tried setting up with multiple frequencies but the issue remains same.
  2. The Mic performance seems a little low as sometimes I have to speak loudly for the other person to hear me out clearly.

I believe there may not be anything that can be done for point no. 2. But if there is anything that can solve the issue with point no.1 I would be very much grateful.

Thanks Anker Community.