Roav Site has old Give-away Event / Needs Update

Was browsing Roav Site to check on updates or offers, came across an old Give-away event may be from last year, listed under Promotions

@AnkerTechnical @AnkerOfficial you guys should plan to update this soon.

This was noted and mentioned in the past that they need to update their page, but it has fallen on dead ears as clearly it’s still there

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Hope @AnkerTechnical @AnkerOfficial take note and fix the Roav site, they fixed it for the Eufy site which had incorrect data earlier

Honestly Anker needs to pick up there game when it comes to there websites. They have to lose sales because of so much false information. I hate browsing there sites.

With so many social events, and popularity, users will flock to their sites to find out these old giveaways… Doesn’t look good

In instances like these reporting direct to or would be probably be best :slight_smile:


Emailed them already :slight_smile: