Roav S1 - SD card specs

Howdy all (I have asked for my post to be removed since this seems a better location for it)

I recently got myself the S1, but I can seem to keep an SD card working in it. I tried a 64GB card that was reading/working fine in a laptop, but the camera kept prompting to format the card no matter how many time I formatted it. I swapped that our for 128GB and I’m running through the same cycle after it worked for a day or so.

I have another card at home to try, but I’m wondering what the actual minimum specs for an SD for this camera are?

I don’t have the card(s) in front of me at the second, but they are at least a class 10 and maybe U1.

Any suggestions on whether I might just have a bum camera or just a bad run of luck with the SD cards?

As long as your using a class 10 card or higher you should be fine. As you said the cards were working fine on a laptop I would think you problem lies more with the dashcam itself.

Have you tried a factory reset of the dashcam to see if this resolves and/or are you showing any firmware updates that need to to be applied?

If a factory reset fails to resolve you could reach out to for further assistance under your warranty.

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Are there cards higher then class 10?

Referring to UHS & video speed class…


thanks @ndalby y

I’ll give the reset a try. I did get the latest firmware installed the same day I was getting this set up.

I wanted to update here that since going through the reset process I haven’t had any further troubles. Hopefully this will continue.


Good to hear! If issues should start again feel free to reach out to support :slightly_smiling_face: