Roav S1 on sale!

You can get the Roav by Anker: DashCam S1, Dashboard Camera, Full HD 1080p Resolution @60 fps, Nighthawk Vision, Wi-Fi, Wide-Angle Lens, 32GB microSD Card, Only $71.99! Get Yours Now!


That’s a great deal! I have seen some things ont he road I would like to have shared with friends, and htis would do the trick :slight_smile: :crazy_face:

Good bargain. Everyone should have one - maybe some people try to behave a little better …

That is a really good price! Been looking at these dashcams, don’t need it but sure do want one!

Great deal! :ok_hand:

Great! thanks for posting!

Thank you for the code great post

Ooh. I’ve been wanting a dash cam… is this a new product?