Roav S1 Image Problems (oversharpened after update)

I purchased 5 Roav dashcams: a C2 in which the image was very grainy(almost solarized and extremely over-sharpened). After speaking to John and others in Customer Service, it was determined this malady was not correctable so I did return the C2. Everyone in CS was so polite and helpful that I decided to stick with Anker. I purchased 2 A1s and 2 S1s. The A1s seem to be performing fine, but I am having a problem with one of the S1s.
The first one I set up and worked fine until I connected the app. It stated that my version 1.4 needed upgrade to version 1.7 which I did successfully through the app. Now the video is grainy and over-sharpened. White lines around everything and very grainy at night. It was much better with the old firmware.
The second S1 has the 1.4 firmware and the images are amazing. When I hit the upgrade button on the second camera, it states no upgrade is available and this elusive 1.7 upgrade is not on the website. Can I revert to 1.4 from 1.7. The performance of the second S1 is superior to the first. Video at 720x30fps is better on camera 2 than 1080x60fps on camera 1. HELP please!