Roav S1 dashcam and SD cards

I’m struggling here with SD cards for my camera. A 128GB card that worked, most of the time, since I got the camera seems to have finally quit working in the camera. The camera gives never ending “format card” errors with that card installed. Removed card, found an old 32GB card that does work.

Reformatted the 128gb in a DSLR camera, it works fine there, also works when attached to a computer. But still not in the Roav.

But a new 256gb card, same as above. Works in a DSLR camera, and computer, but not in the Roav.

Are there any specs available for what card, size, format, this Roav wants? Or is it possible the dashcam is starting to fail?

Sounds like a format filesystem issue. There are different filesystems (FAT, exFAT and if proprietary then often ext4).

When you say “format” how exactly?

I searched this forum for Roav format filesystem, doesn’t give me the answer.

I’ve just stepped through using both exFAT and FAT32 on the 128 and 256 cards and get the same results, Roav asking to format the card and it being unable to format the card.

I will mention the firmware on the Roav is at 2.3 which I believe is the latest. The device has also been reset to factory defaults.

I suppose it’s entirely possible both the 128 and 256 cards are duds, but then they are working in the DSLR and the computer.

Now trying the old “format /FS:FAT32 X:” command on the 256 instead of a downloaded utility to reformat the card. gonna take a while to finish.

The 32GB card which is working has FAT32.

For those curious, generally, FAT32 is limited to 32GB disks or lower, exFAT is generally for anything above 32GB.

I thought anything over 128GB wouldn’t work on the camera?

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That might be it. I put in a different 128GB card and it worked. The old one seems to be failing.

I hadn’t seen a max size limit for camera, but maybe 128 is it.