ROAV S1 CPL filter

Has anyone found a CPL filter that will fit the C1/S1 camera with out a ton of modification.
I see more of the reflection of my dashboard in videos than I do of the road.
I do not have a real problem with glare, just reflections in the windshield.


No, I don’t think there is something OEM or other kind of modified products like CPL Filter to fit S1 Roav. Even You try fitting it on, it may cause issues due to vibrations I think…

I would better ask ANKER SUPPORT expert team about this topic…

The camera severely needs a filter to block out reflections in the windscreen, I don’t know why ROAV didn’t factory include one. Even better option would be a lens housing that could be adjusted in and out so you could place it almos against the wind screen.
I have contacted ROAV, their response was pretty much good luck.