[Roav] How do turn off Parking Monitor sound when triggered/disabled


Used the search feature to find “parking monitor sound” and didn’t get hits related.

I have the sound turned off when scrolling through the menu; I don’t want any kind of sounds coming from the Roav. Whenever I get into the car (I have it super high sensitivity) I hear it go off. There are other times when I’m just chilling in the car, albiet sometimes sleep in it too, where a truck/bike comes through and triggers the parking monitor (perfect). I just dont want to hear the triggering and the disabling of the parking monitor. I dont see a setting for it on the App or the Roav device itself.

Suggestions? Essentially no sound period. I do want to keep sensitivity, just dont want ot hear it get triggered.

Unfortunately, I believe the sound is there to deter someone from breaking into your car when it’s triggered so it can’t be disabled. The only way I’ve found to disable the Parking Monitor sound is to disable the Parking Monitor altogether.


Yep, sounds about right. I’ve found that to be quite annoying when I accidentally trigger the camera on when I am transporting it from my car to my apartment. Triggering the on button, puts the camera in automatic Parking Monitor mode. Perhaps if the on/off button was tactical, actual push button, the camera wouldn’t come on so easily. Just my 2 cents. Overall, I love my C1.

@ISeeTanamon2 Hi, I’m sooooo sorry that the parking monitor sound cannot be turned off now. We do understand that this sound is noisy. We have forward this issue to our product engineer. We promise you that we will take your suggestion into consideration and try to make it in the future. You may expect it soon.
@TechnicallyWell Thank yo so much for your help.
@Nhi We are glad to hear that you are satisfied with our products. Your support really means a lot to us.

Hi, any new on getting this into an update for the firmware soon? Just bought the C1 and the noise is so loud! thanks