Roav Giveaway nevermind it's old and i can;t delete the post

This old, as in last year old and they just never took the page down

Sweet! I’m suprised @AnkerOfficial hasn’t posted this yet…??.?.


What he said

Thanks for pointing that out though.

@AnkerOfficial please take down the Roav page

Aww. That’s a shame.

how do i delete the post and why the hell is that still there! As I’m shopping for a dashcam…

While it probably isn’t something you should share, that does sound exciting…

Edited edit😉

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You should not be talking about that

Glad I read the comments before applying for it lol

that should keep people away at least

how??? i tried

about what? lol

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Looks good now👌

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hey give me a break i’ve never had that happen before, I didn;t see anything saying Shhhh…

No worries, lesson learned.


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Saying you got an email asking to test something for Roav

You didn’t get the joke😉

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anyway…I’m gonna bug you guys for one more maybe 2, opinions, first I need something tough like this I read complaints about the other one that apparently has a button you need to press every time to turn on the USB ports so… and I NEED a dashcam, doesn’t have to be Roav, preferable dual facing…any suggestions @joshuad11 @Jesse_Hernandez1 @elmo41683

lol damn it , delete, delete.delete

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