Roav f2 pairing issue (Incorrect Pin or Passkey)

I have a roav f2
My android device is a Huawei Note 8.
I connect and use many Bluetooth devices.
Have paired many different devices.
My wife has the SAME Android device, and can pair with the Roav no problem, but I can’t.
It keeps saying “Incorrect PIN or Passkey”

I cleared / Reset all my Network Settings, deleting all paired devices.
I have reset phone (soft), turned Bluetooth on/off, etc

Any advice? Uploading…

I have the F2 also. What I found is that I wasn’t able to connect it to 2 devices. I had to first unpair it from my husband’s phone, in order to pair it to my phone. Try unpairing from your wife’s and pairing with yours to see if that is the problem. If not, email them at or go to and do live chat with them. Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Hi, @Alfred_Toelle, I’m very sorry to hear about the problem. As Nhi said, you are always welcome to send an email to our support team. I sincerely hope that your problem be solved.

@Alfred_Toelle Could you please let us know if the connection procedures and system version of your phone are the same with your wife’s phone? Since the error message is “Incorrect PIN or Passkey”, we doubt that the issue is related with your phone. To help you resolve the issue quickly, please email us at

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