Roav F2 Car Kit

I’m checking daily for the Roav SmartCharge Car Kit F2 to arrive in the UK. I’ve been driving my dads car because he’s in hospital but it’s a 2004 and has zero Bluetooth connectivity so really need this to get here soon.
I’ve currently got my Anker Premium Bluetooth Soeaker in the car lol

So I’ve just seen this. Is this going to be the price or is someone just trying to get a few sold before Anker get there UK sales set up?

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Ouch and a third party seller at that :cry: I would avoid like the plague and wait until they are offered by AnkerDirect, at a no doubt more reasonable price…I’m guessing the £20-30 bracket


That’s what I was thinking they’d be. So when I saw this I had a bit of a shock lol.

I can hang on for a £30 discount :joy:

Here its currently

I have seen it get down to 18 but I didn’t order it then and I wish I had. My wife’s car has fafactory navigation but no bluetooth and she won’t let me change the radio so she needs this badly.
In my car I yanked the factory radio out and installed a 7" dvd player radio with bluetooth and now I’m always listening to my music or podcast off my phone. If I didn’t have the radio I would need one of test too for my car

These Bluetooth plugs are one of the best products roav has produced every one in my family wants one plus that car finder feature :fire::fire::fire:

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Looks over priced considering Anker’s usual price ranges.

Yeah. It’s a third party seller trying to make a few quid :confounded:

It is likely to be opened to the UK market in the next year.:joy:

Oh really. It is a shame it takes so long to get products out to the rest of the world :expressionless:

It’s very hard to watch others having fun and not able to join in.

Have someone buy and ship it to you

It did cross my mind. What would postage be on something like that? Would there be extra fees? I’ll have a look when I get to work. My very good friend live in Maryland. Been out there 5 years now. I miss him been friends for 40 years.

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That’s awesome, and it really depends on the size of the product and method used to ship. You could always do flat rate international but again it depends. You can always check to see which shipping method would be cheaper

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Cheers Rob. Will check it out but now. It’s 7:15 am and time to get the girls up for school lol

Busiest hour of my day :grin:

It’s just 2:18 am here, I’m at work til 6:30 then it’s home to bring my son to school. Hope you have a great day

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Is it because of certifications that it is so long to reach the Uk and FR markets?

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You too buddy. I couldn’t do nights.
When I was 16, I worked nights in a motor rewiring engineering firm. We would have overnight rush jobs come in.

A motor had broken down and needed to be repaired and back on site in 12 hours. I loved the pay but it ruined me lol

We would fix the motor and while the varnish was baking in the oven, we’d put the big gas flame on and curl up for a
sleep lol. Only time I ever liked nights.

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