Roav F0 incoming....!

Hi guys

Just ordered a Roav F0 for my 2001 Toyota Celica 190. Bought it on Amazon with £2 off coupon they have on there at the moment so worked out at £15.99 all in. Here’s the link -

I’ll post my thoughts on it once it arrives and I’ve had a chance to test it fully. @AnkerOfficial




Congratulations on you purchase, hope you love it, look forward to seeing your review :+1:

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Awesome, I have it and you will love it :+1:

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Let us know how you like it

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Will do! :+1:


Quick update to say I now have the F0 and installed it in my Celica. It’s frickin AWESOME!!! Very easy to setup and the sound is great! Set your phone (or whatever device) to max volume and then just control the level on your head unit. No interference to speak of so far and certainly when you’re driving it sounds easily as good as the factory radio/CD player.

Also used the handsfree function a couple of times and it works brilliantly. Person on the other end could hear me fine and they were loud and clear my end via the stereo/F0.

All in all a super little device. I’ve already shown it to a few people and they are all going to buy one too!

Nice one @AnkerOfficial

Will post a proper review when I get time.

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