Roav F0 FM BT transmitter review (strong FM coverage in a small package)

Here is my review of the ROAV F0 FM BT Aux transmitter. After three 3 hour road trips, I am pleased to say this was a great addition to my vehicle gadgets. Great job ROAV!

This product does exactly what it advertises. It was very easy to connect to it and best of all, it just worked. I had a GG Smart Mini for my 2005 Grand Am and the ROAV F0 functioned a lot better. The bass that is transferred over FM is pretty good. The bass quality isnt quite up to typical FM, but it is a lot better than what my GG Smart Mini was. The ROAV F0 also had less drop outs and greater FM coverage than the other dongle.


  • Strong FM coverage
  • Dual 2.1A usb ports for charging
  • Easy button layout
  • Dual connectivity (BT, Aux)
  • Great documentation/instruction layout (Very easy to understand)


  • Plug is semi loose in my 12v outlet. This could be because my car is older and the outlet is wearing.


  • Phone call audio to the recipient sounds like you are talking in a tunnel. This could be because the 12v outlet is low in the dash and far from the driver.
  • When pressing the (+) or (-) button it loses power and has to reconnect to the phone. (See neutral comment)

I would recommend this product to a friend/family that do not have BT in their car.


Thanks for your honest review. As far as the losses plug, I have experienced the same issue in a number of Pontiac cars in the past, both new and old…I always just pushed the plug into the socket further so it holds better and if needed I changed them for a universal socket from Walmart

nice review :blush:

Thanks for your review!
The plug is semi loose, so did it make your connection unstable?

I’ve seen some reviews about feedback when playing music and charging a device, have you experienced any of this?

I personally have not experienced any of the feedback issues with mine. I have had to shut off the device to get clear reception on FM stations if I am not wanting to be connected and listening to it, which isnt really a con, as it has a GREAT connection to the requested station for clear audio.