Roav Dashcam + Car Speed Detection & Local Road Speed Limit Alerting

Was reading an interesting article of Intelligent Speed Adaption

Anker Roav has the Dashcams with GPS functionality built-in. Plus has the Eufy Facial recognition technology utilizing AI.

Anker Roav should come up with a Dashcam which alerts the user when car is speeding / exceeding the local road speed limit by a combination of camera-based sign recognition of speed Signs on Roads ( use same technology as in Eufy Security cams) and comparing it against the Car’s speed obtained by the GPS on the Dashcam.

This can be a game changer, and a better device than the Speed detection Radar available in market to avoid tickets.

Tagging @AnkerOfficial to look into this idea


This would be a great and useful feature!!


It doesn’t need to be this complicated. In general, a GPS program knows what the speed limit is everywhere- I guess it’s just programmed into it. If you use an app like Waze it already has this built in.

But Waze or any other Mapping app does not have realtime details on local road speed, example - road work and speed reduced from 65 to 55 or 45. With dashcam, thr cam can recognize the speed via signs and compare to GPS speed value of the car, and alert the driver.

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I agree, this would be a game changer, that is an awesome idea.

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