Roav Dashcam A1 Review (fixed)

Review of the Roav Dashcam A1 that anker sent me as a sample to review:

Link to purchase Roav Dashcam A1:

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The Roav Dashcam A1 by Anker is a perfect dashcam for anyone. The set up is very easy for anyone to install themselves. The suction cup is very strong and easy to apply. Once the dashcam is attached to the suction cup, it is very sturdy. Due to the small compact form, it is out of view and does not bother me while driving. The cord is also long enough so that you can wire it on either side of the car. Using the Roav app makes a huge difference compared to dashcams that do not have apps. Many Pros to this product and the Cons are not dealbreakers, but are areas for future improvement.


  • Great video quality. Even the night videos are clear
  • Many options to configure for settings. It can also be controlled from your phone.
  • VERY clear picture of license plates
  • Wide angle covers all lanes
  • Small compact design
  • Audio quality is clear
  • BEST PRO = Being able to download videos to the app. This is ont of the most important features in my opinion. No need to connect the dash cam or memory card into your computer. Simply connect to the dashcam wifi and the videos can be transferred to the app. You can also trim the videos before uploading htem to youtube or facebook.


  • Have to go to setting to turn on wifi. Would be easier to have a dedicated wifi button.
  • Micro USB power supply port is located at the top of the dashcam. Made installation a little difficult because it is close to the window. Putting it on the side would have been a better option.
  • Doesn’t come with SD card (not a big deal, but would be a nice option to have one included)

For the price, you can not go wrong. You are getting a very nice dashcam that provides all the features that are required for getting the job done. For anyone who wants just an average dashcam, this will do that and exceed your expectations. being able to configure settings and download videos through the app makes usage very easy. Highly recommended!

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Nice review, just future reference only post the review once and if need be you can edit it by clicking in the little pencil on the bottom of your post.

Also your image links are not clickable


Hi @Roberts17, thanks for your review and suggestion. You can always directly paste the link into your article.

For myself, I consider a good Dashcam should satisfy people in three aspects: it must be simple to operate, easy to install and clear in video quality.

So from this points of view, the Roav Dashcam works good.:grin:

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Thanks for the heads up… I fixed the link.