Roav Dashcam A1 Initial Impression

I have been using the A1 for the past week or so and I am quite happy with it’s performance. When I saw the camera was retailing for under $60 on Amazon I was unsure of how the camera would preform, however I have nothing but good things to say.
The image quality has been great during the day, at dusk, and even at night.
Here is a link to a video taken during dusk/low light: YouTube link
A few unboxing photos: Imgur Link
Setup was quick and painless. It was certainly made easier with the included plastic tool for slipping the wiring behind the vehicle’s interior trim. I was able to attach the camera to the windshield and run the wire up, over, down, and back around the the power port in under ten minutes. The interface/menus on the camera are simple and easy to navigate. You can control the recording quality, whether or not audio is recorded, and all of the other settings from the on-screen menus, or by connecting to the device’s WiFi and using the Roav app. I have downloaded video clips through the app and by removing the memory card from the camera. It was easy to do so both ways.
The field of view on the A1 is wider than that of my previous dashcam and I am now able to capture the full width of the roadway in almost all situations.
This camera has met all of my requirements and certainly outperforms the other dashcams I have used in it’s price range. I would definitely recommend!
I will post a follow-up if anything else comes to mind or if I encounter any issues.

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Great review.

I have the C1 and happy with it but I’m to lazy to take the sd card out to save in any video. I got my C1 a few weeks before the A1 released and that was annoying.

I think the WiFi will come in handy and plan on upgrading to the A1 and move the C1 to the rear window since Anker cameras are useless in a rear end collision or parking lot bump.

Wow, so happy to see that you like the Dashcam, and thanks for the thorough review!

We appreciate the support! :grin:

nice review! well done!