ROAV Dash Cam C2 Trouble

I purchased a Roav C2 Dash Cam on October 27th, 2017 and have been impressed with it. We realize now that we should have gotten the WIFI Model. (Full review with videos coming soon.)

While my wife was driving home from work her Camera fell from the mount. The mount was still mounted to the window and she tried to put it back in the mount but it wouldn’t lock back into place. I took a quick over exposed cell phone shot of the damage.

When she got home I tried to install it and I found that the camera case had swelled near the mount spot on the camera. The mount can no longer lock into place and could cause accident if it falls from the mount while she is driving. :disappointed:

I just emailed support with the details. Hope to have some answers soon…

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May be caused by heat (car) , or defect battery.
Keep us informed, as usual! :wink:
And enjoy the weekend of course!