Roav C1 seems to record continuously

My DC power is always hot meaning that the dash cam always has power. However… It seems to record non stop. What am I doing wrong?

If I power it off, closing the door by my children turns it back on.

It will continuously record if it has a constant power supply. So you are doing nothing wrong :slight_smile:


Like @cava3395 said, the C1 will continuously record if the power is on. If you wish it to stop recording, just unplug it and cut the power supply. :slight_smile:

@Centry_Kenyon As others have mentioned, as long as there is power to the dashcam, it will continue recording. Thus, Parking Monitor (if enabled) won’t come on. The funny thing is, it depends on your car. For instance, my hubby’s 2001 BMW 325i has constant power, therefore we have to unplug the dashcam when we shut off the car… otherwise it goes into “loop” recording. But on my 2003 Toyota RAV4, when I turn off the car and the dashcam is still plugged in … “loop” recording switches over to Parking Monitor mode. When I found this out, it totally surprised me. Considering that my car is newer. It can be a little annoying to have to unplug the dashcam. The hubby often forget. Perhaps in later versions, @AnkerOfficial @AnkerTechnical can implement a “shut off and switch to” button? I was kind of hoping that the Pro version I just purchased, didn’t do the same. But it did. So, no, you didn’t do anything wrong.

my issue is that my dashcam record whenever it wants :smiley:

Explain that further. I have had it for 2 years now and know all its flaws and quirks. Never heard of it recording only when it wants… :fearful: