ROAV C1 Pro- Using WiFi to view recent videos is just dreadful!

Hello all,
I bought the Roav C1 Pro so I could use the WiFi to either watch or download videos to my phone but to this day “4 weeks now” I still haven’t been able to watch more than maybe a second before it just stops and try’s to load the video over an over and over and yes my phone is right next to the dash cam and I’ve reset it multiple times and reformatted the sd card etc…

And trying to download a video is impossible, might be able to if I had absolutely nothing else to do for the day!

Yes it’s beyond slow/not working and am headed back to Best Buy this weekend to get another brand of dash cam that will actually work with WiFi- unless of course it could be fixed with an update ?. But from what I’ve read in the past year it seems I’m not the only one asking for a Real fix on this issue yet nothing’s changed.

Had high hopes for Anker but Expectations not met at all. It records but actually using WiFi to watch what was recorded is a lost cause.

Hello @caninecraig,
did you activate WLAN and Bluetooth at the same time?
Try using your dashcam with Wi-Fi only and disable Bluetooth on your phone. For me that brings an improvement for the wireless connection
Please check also if your firmware is up to date.
And select there “Drivers”.


I’ll give it shot first thing tomorrow, thx! I really want this to work and not have to return this Roav, so will c.

I can confirm this was also the issue I had. Except I never turned bluetooth off until after I got frustrated and just pulled the memory card. After I found out about Bluetooth, I turned it off and set my phone to the dashcam wireless network and was able to transfer the files that way

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Update “ so far” I turned the BT off and could actually watch one of my videos- why in the hell hasn’t Roav Anker put this info out to all of us that are having issues!
I’ll try n download as well as watch more videos in the coming days and let ya know the outcome.
Regardless it was still a lil glitchey on the first try when turning off the BT but it did work better so that’s a start.

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Update from the past reply,
Turning off BT did help but lately I’m right back to where I was with jus watching the download screen so it’s not a fix… more a less a temporary one and hope it works type situation,
ROAV Please get a permanent FIX for this!

I have had similar problems in the past downloading videos from action cameras. The solution was to turn off everything but the Wi-Fi.

mobile data, Bluetooth, GPS, NFC all need to be turned off.

Ok, I’ll try that as well.