ROAV C1 Pro GPS File Format

I got my new Anker Roav C1 Pro and I love it. I am looking to upload the data from the dashcam to a service we use called Mapillary but they need the file in a GPX format. There are plenty of converters. Is there documentation for watch each of the fields in the .info file are or what format it is in if it is a general format?

I don’t own this model myself and I couldn’t find documentation online. Only for the C1, did you check the roav app for exporting options?

@Paul_Nelson4 Hi, for your information, the video clip format of Roav C1 pro is MP4. There is no converter could change the video into GPX format. We apologize for that.
@Helix Thank you so much for your kindly help. Your support really means a lot to us.

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GPX is coordinate data.

MP4 is video.

So you’d not convert MP4 to GPX. You’d want to output both a MP4 and a coordinate file (is that the .info file?) and then that coord file then becomes GPX.

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Probably wants still images with the location since I doubt the service uses video files.

It would be nice to know the fields of the .info file that is on the sd card with the same name as the mp4 file.

It looks like this:

Time, and GPS coordinates are obvious, but what are the other fields?

I think I can fill in some blanks for you.


Fix Type and Sat Count are a guess but I’m pretty confident in this one. If you look at a NMEA GPGGA message it has FixType 1 = GPS fix (SPS) followed by satellite count.

??? My first guess was HDOP, but it could be Altitude. Google Earth puts the altitude at your coords at 176m which is pretty close. Mine is less close but there are various ways altitude can be represented.

I know the last 3 are to do with the G-force as they are always 0 if the sensitivity is set to disabled, X, Y, Z is just a guess, also maybe its a gyro and not an accelerometer.

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Here’s a small video and data file (stored on DropBox) if anyone wants to dig deeper.

Field “F” does appear to line up ‘close’ to elevation (altitude). It was exactly right at the start of the drive, but appear off by about 5 meters at the end of the drive (if you believe Google Earth’s elevation data).

I can create a gpx file from the .info file using gpxbabel but when I try to upload the newly created gpx file it returns and error “invalid gpx” Has anyone been able to convert the .info file?

Interestingly, I just opened one of the .INFO files using Notepad++ and apparently there’s some hidden metadata with the field descriptions!

Date_Time, Lat, Long, Fix, Sat_Count, Elevation, Speed km/h, Heading, Accel_X, Accel_Y, Accel_Z