Roav C1 Pro DashCAM - embedded GPS speed not synced with HUD speed

Doing my best to explain while keeping concise.

When playing back Anker Roav C1 Pro dashcam video with watermark on (settings) while viewing the fancy HUD, it seems the overlay HUD speed is more accurate/in sync/updated more frequently(I use cruise control) than the embedded GPS speed on the video file (lower right corner). One of them is higher than the other by almost 7mph. It would make guess work during an insurance replay VERY confusing for myself and anyone else to explain.

What is the cause of the MAJOR discrepancy/difference between the calculation or display of actual SPEED on the embedded video GPS data versus the Fancy HUD overlay during playback?

I tried to report this via in app chat, but received no response; I am unsure if that embedded chat feature is live yet. Thank you for any feedback.

Hi @uav_loki6 , not messed with this particular model myself (only C1) so I can’t offer any real insight. I’ve tagged @AnkerTechnical into this post so that you might get a faster repsonse. You can also reach out to with your issue if the live chat system is currently not online.

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@uav_loki6 We are so sorry for any inconvenience caused by GPS. Could you please let us know if you mean the GPS information displayed on Roav app is not correct? To help you resolve the issue ASAP, could you please email us at

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Hello, thank you all for your replies. Let’s brainstorm.

I will markup a screenshot from playback which shows the (enabled) HUD option speed(mph) is sometimes approximately 1-8 (mph) different than the embedded GPS hardware speed calculation on video in lower right upon playback review. I propose whether there is simply a out of sync issue upon playback or if the speed (HUD/ .info file) isn’t updated from source (embedded GPS hardware) often enough to create discrepancy with matching the .info file containing speed data for HUD playback versus speed (mph) displayed “on the fly”(bottom right) watermarked on video.

Sometimes while just driving, sustaining a speed on cruise control over flat ground, the embedded GPS speed will read differently than the HUD upon playback. This is as much information I can give you with my limited knowledge other than, “they don’t match”, lol. Sometimes the speeds match back up and stay relatively close within 1-2mph of one another, other less often times, there is a greater discrepancy which may not bode well, in a court of law or insurance review, for the owner of the dash-cam video if there were to be doing the set speed limit and the GPS speed indicator shows well high past the legal limit and another shows contradictory info.

I don’t know how the HUD playback speed is calculated, if it inputs Gforce data to make it more “aware” of speed updates (accel/decel), but it sometimes seems the HUD replay speed indicator (large DIAL) is more accurately displaying speed data at low speeds (parking lots, traffic), frequent accel/decel than the time it takes the embedded GPS module to calculate and display a more accurate/timely rolling speed.

I’m only talking about the difference of seconds here, at most…and of no more than ~8 mph in difference. I understand while accel/decel there will be time needed (seconds) to represent/update on the fly speeds, that isn’t the issue I’m representing. Just simply the conflicting display/sync of the two indicators.

I tried to explain clearly in more than one way, to the best of my ability; the screenshot helps also. Anyone else notice this behavior?

I spend a good bit of time sifting through stored video trying to save near hits, road rage, etc so I am experiencing this on almost all clips at some point. Thanks again for hearing me out. Hope to learn that this is either unavoidable somehow or that there is a better way to represent the mismatched speed values in order to be a little less confusing for someone who would simply be reviewing the video to make a lawful determination of fault, let’s say.

Thank you.

@uav_loki6 Hi, glad to hear from you again. I double checked the issue with our engineers. We are so sorry that there is a 1-2 second delay in GPS information displayed on Roav app. We have a new firmware which improves this issue. Could you please let us know if you are willing to have a try? If yes, please email us at "".

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