Roav c1 Pro dashcam bonus feature

Was playing around with dashcam and once you’re connected via WiFi and open browser and go to you can upload pictures to the memory card :slight_smile:
I tried a PDF and no go. Tried a video and didn’t work but ran out of time.

Not sure why you would want to do this but it works. Will play with more.


Very interesting - thanks for sharing! I wonder when the C1 Pro will be available again…

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Interesting:-? but can you upload the picture in batch? I dont think it is able to do that though

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good to know…???
Na times further research what so everything so is still possible …

Thanks for the information :slight_smile:


Besides the ability to be able to download videos via this method, I would think it’s most likely been left open for applying firmware updates outside of the app (if sent via tech support). Good catch regardless.


I was connected via phone, so didnt have my laptop to test much. I’m sure its possible to run a batch to upload since it is just commands, but if i have my laptop i’ll just grab the sd card :slight_smile:

I did take notes of ports and protocols open. Would love to run wireshark to see whats going on, perhaps a kali probe too but really no point since you have to be connected to wifi.

I did notice it seems you can leave wifi on all the time while filming where as in the non pro version you could not. (maybe just this version of firmware) which leaves other options open as well.

Its finding the time to play that is the hardest part :slight_smile:

BTW if i find security weaknesses I report to Anker/Roav/Eufy and do not post them. Since this can only be used while connected to wifi via password, it is not necessarily a security issue to be concerned with unless you don’t change the default wifi pw

Batch download is something I have wanted since day one

So it provides a nice web interface, that is good!

Thats pretty slick. I was really looking forward to trying one… I signed up and was selected but never got one… Is it as good as they were saying?

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