Roav C1 Pro Dash Cam

I have recently moved my C1 Pro to a new car and when the engine is turned off the dash cam keeps saying “Parking monitor mode keeps working”. How do I stop this happening? It keeps doing it until the car is next started

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Go into settings and disable parking monitor mode

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But that would stop the camera from turning on if there is a knock to the car etc wouldn’t it?

When Parking Mode is enabled, it will keep DashCam in standby mode. Whenever Motion is detected, DashCam starts recording a 30 second video each time.

You may set the sensitivity to High so that there are no incorrect recordings, but you maybtweak it to Low/ Medium based on your requirement.

The backup battery within C1 Pro can last upto 5hrs, so unless there is continous shaking / motion, you are good and covered for optimal recordings during Parking.

@Townsmcp That same thing happens when I use it in my hubby’s car vs mine. His car keeps it powered even when the engine is off, whereas mine cuts off the power and goes into Parking Monitor mode if it’s enabled in the settings. Hope that explains it. In other words, for the car that keeps it powered, you’ll have to unplug it all together in order to use the Parking Monitor mode.

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