ROAV C1 Pro - continuous recording (whole journey)

Is it possible to have continuous recording - like 3hr journey, made of 1 minute clips?

I am not sat in my car to check but mine currently records the whole journey in 10 minute clips so I’m not sure what other options there are and if one minute clips is available.

It would be a lot more difficult to find the clip you want if there were so many to look through.

With 10 minute clips, as long as you know the time, you can download the clip and then find and edit the clip you need.

As long as your memory card can handle it, you can have continuous recording. But it wont be in 1 minute increments, I would recommend to do 10 minute intervals.

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I agree, 10 min is a good clip length.

I haven’t played around with my C1 and C1 Pro since installing it a year or so ago. But I do know that they give you choices in how long you want the clips for… I’m just not sure that 1 minute is an option. If it is an option, then you have your 1 minute clips.

Do you actually want 1 minute clips?

Worse case you could use video editing software to break the larger clips into shorter clips.

Your memory card will have to have enough storage capacity to store all of that as well.